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About Haxey Parish Council

There are 15 Haxey Parish Council Councillors, who are elected representatives.
Councillors are not paid and receive no income, so all work done on our Resident’s behalf is completely voluntary.
The Council normally meets on the last Tuesday in each month and there are 12 planned meetings per year.
We deal with large numbers of planning applications and from time to time this may necessitate extra meetings.
At the start of Council meetings 15 minutes is set aside for public participation.

Below is a photo of the Parish Councillors duly elected in the May 2023 Elections.  From left to right, top row following by the bottom row.

Cllr Mark Parkin, Cllr Johnny Martin, Cllr David Harris, Cllr Mick Carlile, Cllr Ian Thorpe, Cllr Andrew Steers, Cllr Chris Layton, Cllr Darren Skelton

Cllr Carol Lindley, Parish Clerk - Deb Hotson, Cllr Andrea Rowbotham (Vice Chair), Cllr Alan Holgate (Chair), Cllr Pauline Booth, Cllr Gabby Taylor

Cllr Knowles was unable to join the meeting the time the photo was taken. 



Haxey Parish Councillors 2023